Here's What I Learned Starting a Podcast

Here's What I Learned Starting a Podcast

Apologies there was no newsletter last week. I promised that I would be consistent so I have to own up when I break that pattern. Truth be told I was enjoying the scenery on the northern side of Portugal. Yes, I went on holiday for a few days to celebrate my friend's birthday. This was also a celebration of finishing SEASON ONE of The Valuable Podcast. Ten episodes, in ten weeks. I’m truly ecstatic.

I started this podcast in January 2022 with the determination and vision to share valuable information. I hope I’ve met or exceeded your expectations.

Season one

To recap, season one featured nine brilliant guests and one solo episode of me explaining why I named the podcast valuable. If you’re yet to catch up on all the episodes then I recommend you take the time to do so now using the link below.

Key takeaways

However, after reflection, I want to summarise the key takeaways from each episode in one line.

Episode #1 - Kare Adenegan

We are all given unique circumstances which should not hinder us but pave our path to success.  

Episode #2 - Flynn Blackie

All business owners should be able to apply the knowledge they learnt. This is wisdom.

Episode #3 - Denzil Jones

Mindset is the principal thing. Once you cultivate your mindset to win then you will win.

Episode #4 - Chibudom Onuorah

Rome wasn’t built in a day nor are valuable skills. It takes practice and experience.

Episode #5 - Victor Sosanya

When you are aware of the value you provide, you increase your bargaining chips.

Episode #6 - Aash Thapa

Content creation is not exclusive but open to anyone who can be creative and consistent.

Episode #7 - Abbianca Makoni

We shouldn’t stop chasing our goals when we feel resistance but push back.

Episode #8 - Eniola Ajuwon

Avoid splitting your attention. Focus on one thing and execute it well before moving on.

Episode #9 - Alaa Fawaz

Success carries little value when you cannot share it with those you love.

Episode #10 - Johnoi Josephs

We are called to learn and then teach others in some capacity.

What to expect next?

Upon reflection, I  have decided to continue releasing a new episode every Monday which is part of the Valuable Advice series. There is too much value that cannot be overlooked thus it’s best to recap instead of leaving you guys running dry. I’m currently in the process of recording season two featuring more brilliant guests with great value to share.


In the meantime, I kicked off a brand new Instagram Live series called #TwoAreBetterThanOne which started on Monday. Every day from Monday to Friday I will be going live on Instagram with not one but TWO special guests discussing a wide range of topics. This spans from best lessons in leadership to maintaining good fitness & health. If you’ve missed the last two days you can watch the replays on my Instagram account. Today at 7 PM I will be live again having a discussion about branding, creativity and technology.

Come join the value filled discussion @valuablepodcast!

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