Arinze Nwanna: Staying true to your faith whilst working

Arinze Nwanna: Staying true to your faith whilst working

This week’s conversation with Arinze was a particularly refreshing one both mentally and spiritually. Arinze speaks with authority and conviction about his journey so far from schooling in Brampton Manor Sixth Form to study for a Masters's degree. It was really moving to hear how Arinze managed to balance a life of vigorous academic studies, with submitting competitive applications for investment banking roles as well as ministering in his local church. In this short blog, I delve even deeper with Arinze with an exclusive Q&A.

Q: What is the one thing you will take away from studying for an MSc in Financial Technology?

Arinze: The culture and mentality you surround yourself around will largely be responsible for your perspective in life. One thing I will take away from my time at Imperial is that sometimes it is not just about learning, who teaches you is important and who is around when you are being taught is important. Being in an environment of highly intellectual and intelligent people, you tend to develop a subconscious intelligence which sponsors great mental dexterity, responsible for future results. At imperial you are taught genuinely, by the Worlds best, highly valuable people.

Furthermore, always be open to learning things outside your comfort zone.

Q: How do you remain bold in your faith in the corporate world?

Arinze: Remember where you came from, and sustain humility before God and men. Fear the Lord, remember His precepts, always do the right thing and be comfortable being alone or people not liking you.

Q: Are there any key books, websites or apps that have helped you develop into a valuable man?

Arinze: The Bible holistically, but more specifically the book of Psalms & Proverbs.

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