Carl Konadu: Go where the FIRE is!

Carl Konadu: Go where the FIRE is!

It was great to have a conversation with Carl this week, especially as he is someone who I continuously look up to. I hope after listening to this episode you can see why his words have always resonated so strongly with me, so in this newsletter I want to explore some important themes that he brought up.

How to deal with failure

As much as we hate to experience it, failure is an inevitable part of life. Even the people who we see as incredibly successful or valuable have had to reckon with failure. What distinguishes these people from the average person is how they respond to these failures. It was interesting to hear Carl’s friend's comments after finding out about his average A-level results, “today shows who put in the work”. While it may sound harsh, this is the accountability that is needed when we experience failures, it is necessary to work out what went wrong to avoid making these mistakes again. This is exactly what Carl did. After getting into university through clearing, he endeavoured to work incredibly hard to get a 1st Class degree in Politics and International Relations. Carl’s story reminds me of the Donnie Mclurkin song, “We Fall Down” because despite the setbacks, he managed to bounce back harder.

The importance of serving

We live in a time where everyone wants to have the most impressive LinkedIn profile and CV, with experience at the most prestigious firms. This is not a bad thing, however, it means that people often neglect the value of volunteering and serving others. When money or clout is our sole motivator we often forget how valuable volunteering can be because while you may not be getting paid, you will be learning lessons and picking up skills that will serve you in the future. In Carl’s case, his volunteering experience went on to serve him further down the line with his own projects.

Valuable tip: Sometimes the value of an experience is greater than the value of a paycheque.

Go where the FIRE is

I wrote about the importance of finding your superpower and this week Carl touched on a theme that ties in quite nicely with this.

In order to find your superpower, go where the FIRE is

that is to say, follow your passions, the things that you do that make you lose track of time. Once you have found this, make sure to invest in this passion, take courses and network with people who can help you develop in this field. Seek to be the best you can be at whatever it is. When you do this, you’ll be able to tie your passion into your work, for example, I am passionate about sharing value with others which is why I’ve started this podcast and newsletter. Because it’s something I care deeply about, I am more than willing to put in the necessary effort to make the podcast succeed even if that requires me to go above and beyond. In Carl’s case that meant making opportunities for himself, rather than waiting for them to come to him, so he would record his content wherever he could even in front of a chicken & chip shop. Don’t despise humble beginnings, you may not be at the top of the league in your field just yet but hone your craft and keep putting in the work and success will surely follow.

Exclusive Q&A

Featuring Carl Konadu 

Q: What is the most useful business advice you have been giving whilst building 2-3 Degrees?

Carl: You are your USP! No product, technology or amount of money is going to be more valuable than you!

Q: What do you wish someone told you before you decided to become a motivational speaker?

Carl: Prioritise character over confidence!

Q: What other books or podcasts will you recommend for self-development?

Carl: Check my Instagram highlights @carlkonadu for my book recommendations!

Q: Any last advice for young people?

Carl: The only person you're destined to become is the person you decide to be, so decide to be great!

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