Dr Uyiosa: Beyond the Blue Scrubs, Exploring the Business Ventures of a Doctor

Dr Uyiosa: Beyond the Blue Scrubs, Exploring the Business Ventures of a Doctor

In our latest episode, I had the honour of sitting down with the incredible Dr. Uyiosa, a true inspiration who embodies determination and resilience in the pursuit of her dreams. From a young age, she held onto a burning desire to become a doctor, and her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication. Today, Dr. Uyiosa not only practices medicine but has also ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, using her experiences to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry.

At the tender age of 11, Dr. Uyiosa set her sights on becoming a doctor, displaying remarkable ambition from an early stage. This vision propelled her to be laser-focused on selecting the right GCSEs, A-levels, and medical school. However, her path to becoming a doctor was far from smooth. Being the first in her family to pursue medicine, she lacked the guidance and support that others might take for granted. Nevertheless, Dr. Uyiosa didn't let that deter her. She took matters into her own hands, seeking out professionals in the field, attending events, and networking like a pro to gain insights and learn from their experiences. Her resourcefulness shines through, demonstrating that when faced with limited resources, one can still reach their desired destination by making the most of what they have.

Dr. Uyiosa's tenacity paid off, as she gained admission to med school at Southampton University and qualified as a Doctor at the remarkable age of 22. Her entrepreneurial spirit was sparked by her personal experiences and her recognition of a significant disparity in the healthcare field. Through her first business venture, Med Simple, she sought to provide guidance and support to underrepresented individuals aspiring to pursue healthcare careers. Initially focused on creating resources and conducting workshops, Med Simple evolved to impact schools and communities on a systemic level. By integrating their workshops into the curriculum, they aimed to dismantle barriers and empower students to achieve their career aspirations, extending their reach beyond medicine to encompass various healthcare professions.

During her final year of medical school, Dr. Uyiosa discovered the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program (CEP). This program invites applications from individuals with ideas that can benefit the general public or improve healthcare. The program aims to equip participants with essential business skills and expand their professional networks. Dr. Uyiosa successfully applied and became a part of the program, opening doors to exciting opportunities at the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship.

However, this year, she made a decision to embrace the platform as an opportunity to share her knowledge and demystify certain health topics that lack evidence-based information. Beyond healthcare, Dr. Uyiosa saw YouTube as a chance to delve into other subjects she's passionate about, including business, finance, and self-development. By merging these diverse topics, she aims to provide valuable information to her viewers, all free of charge.

The driving force behind Dr. Uyiosa's motivation is her desire to serve as an older sibling figure to others. She aspires to offer guidance and make life easier for those who are navigating various aspects of their lives. Understanding the challenges of figuring things out, she has created her YouTube channel to be a resource where viewers can learn about healthcare, including conditions like diabetes, sickle cell, and high blood pressure. Additionally, she explores other topics such as investing and improving credit scores.

Her story serves as a reminder that our visions, coupled with proactive actions, can help us transcend limitations and make a lasting impact in our chosen fields. Dr. Uyiosa's unwavering commitment to improving healthcare, her involvement in the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program, and her transformative work with Med Simple embody the authenticity and passion that drive her journey. May her story inspire us all to pursue our dreams, create meaningful connections, and express ourselves beyond the box society puts us in.