How to read the weekly newsletter without fail

How to read the weekly newsletter without fail
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Email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud mail and Yahoo often have algorithms in place that may accidentally divert my newsletter from your primary inbox. I don't want this for you. Otherwise, you may miss out on valuable content.

So if you've signed up for the newsletter ensure you follow these steps below to prevent the valuable content from ending up in your junk, spam or promotions tab.

Add me as a new contact

Name: Victor Sosanya


Guide for Gmail users

Filter the newsletter to your primary inbox

In the field from, enter ''

Report the newsletter as not spam or junk.

I urge you to check your junk, spam or promotion folders regularly to ensure no lost emails are there. If you find any, manually move it to your primary inbox

Consistency is KING

I will never intentionally try to spam you with rubbish. Even further, I will never send you an email if I do not think it is of value.

If you've subscribed, then you've made a commitment. Thank You. However, I encourage you to stick to reading the newsletter every week to reap the benefits.

You may want to set aside a time in the day or during the week to go through the content. This can be either in the morning or just before you go to bed.  

Whatever you do, make it part of your routine and be consistent. Only then will you see results.