Leanne Armitage: Exclusive Q&A with Victor Sosanya

Leanne Armitage: Exclusive Q&A with Victor Sosanya

It was so uplifting and inspiring to record an episode with Leanne. Those of you who have listened to the episode will understand exactly where I’m coming from. Leanne, has a raw and authentic energy that is contagious. She is an embodiment of the motivating literature in her new book The Power of a Dream: The 7 Steps to Ignite Your Dreams Subdue Your Fears and Live an Extraordinary Life (which I highly recommend).

Despite sitting down with Leanne for over an hour for an in-depth conversation, I took some additional time to ask her follow-up questions. Below are her responses which I think we can all learn from.

Q: Do you have a morning or night routine? If yes, what does it entail?

Leanne: My morning routine involves saying a daily declaration about my future which includes blessing all of my ventures. My daily declaration is made up of affirmations that empower me and help me to remember what my overall vision is. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day mundanity of everyday living, causing us to feel fatigued and demotivated. By reminding myself every morning of the bigger picture, it helps me to keep my vigor and passion for life burning.

Q: If you were to write a letter to your 21-year-old self what would it say?

Leanne: Keep going Dr Leanne. You’re doing a great job! Keep pressing towards your dreams and trust the process, trust God! So long as you’re doing the best you can do, that is all you can ask of yourself. God has got you in the palm of His hands, so keep trusting in Him and don’t lose your focus. Everything will work out!

Q: What was your dream when you were 16 and how does it compare to your dreams now?

Leanne: When I was 16 my dream was to become a doctor. It was all I ever wanted. In fact, the intensity of my desire to become a doctor is probably the strongest desire I have had for anything in my life so far.

Often in life, our perception of what we think something is versus the reality is very different. Now that I am a doctor, it is nothing like what I thought it would be as a 16 year old! I am very grateful to serve the community as a doctor, but at the same time, I am well aware of the challenges that come with this role. You dedicate much of your life to it – I often work busy and quite exhausting 12.5 hour shifts and outside of work. It can also sometimes be difficult to take off your doctor’s hat.

When I was 16 I could have never imagined that by the age of 27 as well as being a doctor, I would have met the Queen, become a multi-award-winning leader, public speaker, book author and co-founder of The Armitage Foundation – a charity committed to increasing diversity across UK medical schools. I feel so immensely blessed to have had the various opportunities I have and above all, I feel blessed that I didn’t give up on my dream to become a doctor. Since it was through pursuing this dream that all of my other opportunities were birthed.

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