Meet Daniel Airen, A New Valuable Contributor! 👋🏿

Meet Daniel Airen, A New Valuable Contributor! 👋🏿
Meet Daniel, A New Valuable Contributor! 👋🏿

Yoo family,

I’m Daniel Airen, a contributor on the Valuable Newsletter…

Okay so before I introduce myself, if you know me, pretend you don’t. If you don’t know me, perfect! I’ve realized that what people think of you and what you know of yourself can be very different at times. I am here today because I’ve decided to truly be my authentic self and see where that leads me. I’m not sure if anyone can say they fully know who they are during the adolescent stage because there is so much learning and unlearning we must undergo in order to uncover new layers of our personality. Through this (at times uncomfortable) process, we can start to live in the highest level of presence we have to offer and I believe it is at this point in our lives that we can give the most value.

About Me

Introducing myself is hardly straightforward. When asked in person, I usually begin with “Well, I wear a bunch of hats…” (and now that I say it in solitude, it sounds like such an old man's expression lol). After completing my A-levels 3 years ago, I started a degree apprenticeship in IT consulting. Studying for a degree whilst working a full time job all while training 6-7 days a week as an amateur boxer felt like 3 full time jobs in and of itself. But if that could show you anything about the type of person I am, it’s that I enjoy pain. I enjoy working hard and I despise mundane, sedentary, repetitive tasks.

Boxing is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me. During my time boxing, I became so passionate about a lot of things such as the mentality and the psychology of a champion fighter. I also became obsessed with cooking and nutrition which opened career opportunities for me that I had always dreamed of, as well as helping me to maintain a weight class for way longer than I should’ve been able to (but that’s a story for another article). More than anything however, I awakened an untamable desire to push my body past its limits and to find out where my physical and mental breaking point was. As a result, I was able to forge an iron body, an all powerful, relentless, non-tiring machine (I’m exaggerating of course, but I became one hell of an athlete). To the point that I got opportunities to meet and become the sparring partners of some of the greatest boxers in Britain (such as Denzil Bentley, and Connor Benn to name a few).

Being able to achieve these things left a desire within me to do more, to study more. Having the values of the world's greatest boxing coach instilled into me, I had cultivated the ability to structure training and nutrition guidelines for myself, and even create a whole new psychological outlook on life. After nearly 4 beautiful years of boxing, I made the incredibly difficult and certainly heartbreaking decision to hang up the gloves (indefinitely?) and dedicate more time to learning about various principles of training and nutrition to build a strong, mobile and functional physique that lasts a lifetime. I’m still on this journey and enjoying the life out of it.

Making this decision opened up so many opportunities for me such as becoming a chef in an amazing establishment, becoming a model, training awesome people, and even posting valuable content on social media which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And of course, becoming a contributor on the Valuable Newsletter!

What to Expect From Me

Stick with me on the Valuable Newsletter and I will take you through a range of topics with the aim of providing different ways of thinking and spurring you on to becoming a more valuable person by taking action. I will be providing you with another side of the equation, another way of thinking. It will be your job to take it further, challenge my opinion and research, then do what you think is best with it. Whether you agree with what I say or not, don’t disregard it, instead, weigh it up against what you currently know and realize that life is not “one-size-fits-all”. I will be covering a range of topics such as the best diets for optimal performance, does the government care about our health? What it takes to be a champion in sports and in life, how to stay consistent in training and life, why motivation sucks, how training affects you spiritually and MUCH MUCH MORE. You’ll see my articles bi-weekly on Thursdays at 2pm. In my articles you will always find something that challenges your thinking process, opinions, beliefs or values in some way. Be ready, be warned…

These topics are meant to inspire discussion so feel free to leave a comment below, on the Valuable Podcast’s Instagram (@valuablepodcast), or DM me directly (@danielairen32).

See you soon!