Meet Victor, A Re-introduction!👋🏾

Meet Victor, A Re-introduction!👋🏾
Meet Victor, A Reintroduction!👋🏾

Yoo my people…

I feel like this is a long time coming. Some of you may have noticed I have taken a break from writing. I won’t blame this on becoming busier after graduation or starting a new job. I want to be brutally honest with you. I stopped writing articles for the podcast because it felt like a tick box exercise rather than something I was keen to do. Maybe because I wanted to write sophisticatedly or ensure the written content delivered as much value as the podcast episodes. Nevertheless, I felt pressured to write and reach a minimum of around 500 words. I went to the extent to offload some of that burden by asking my podcast guests to write answers to questions so I can copy and paste them in. I feel slightly embarrassed writing this but I got to keep it real for what is to come. When new commitments started to emerge in my life, writing became the least of my priorities. I started to rush the process. In doing so, I lost my voice and the purpose of the written content. There was more of the guests' experience and less of mine. Not to take away from any of the amazing content previously written but now I want to share value in my own experience with life.

So, here I am trying again. But this time I plan to be more genuine and authentic with it. So forgive me if they are spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar. I figured I no longer want to write trying to sound like someone else or forge written content. I plan just to put my hands on the keyboard and type away.

But before I do, allow me to re-introduce myself.

A Re-introduction

My name is Victor Sosanya. I was born and raised in East London. I grew up watching business-oriented shows like The Apprentice and Dragons Den. Greatly inspired, I took my entrepreneurial ideas and enthusiasm to the school cages. Unlike your conventional kid selling sweets in school, I took it up a level and sold chicken wraps. That was the main source of my pocket money which I then used to start my clothing brand, Young & Gifted. I hustled my way through school and Sixth Form becoming a straight A-student (3 A’s in A-level). I then journeyed to the University of Warwick to study Economics (BSc). I graduated with a 2:1 and a global award-winning dissertation. My dissertation was recognised as #1 in the subject of Economics in the world in 2022 by the Global Undergraduate Awards.

I managed to land myself a trading role in an investment bank where I’m fortunate to start my career. I have learnt so much in the time I have been here and no doubt will continue to do so.

Now you’re probably thinking about how ended up starting a podcast or writing this article. Truth be told, I started the Valuable Brand after being moved by a sermon I listened to on YouTube. The pastor highlighted the value God places on us and outlined a strategy to be recognised as valuable by the people around us and our society. It was so moving and impactful. For anyone interested, you can listen to the full message here.

My first reaction was to create t-shirts, ‘valuable’ branded t-shirts as a daily reminder that I am worth more than the money I possess. Then I got the idea to start the Valuable Podcast that surfaced on the 1st of January 2022 (it was meant to kickstart the new year). The purpose of the podcast is to promote the inherent value we all carry and how we can build on that. To achieve this I began to host valuable conversations with people who have achieved great milestones and became more valuable in the process. I've sat with (virtually) a wide variety of guests and shared relevant information and skills needed to increase your value add. Given I’m now 20 episodes in, you could argue I’ve been somewhat consistent. Nevertheless, it’s not been an easy ride so I’m truly proud of the progress I’ve made.

What's coming next?

Over the next few months, I’m going to continue having these valuable conversations and sharing more of my life experience along the way. Expect me to post (with grace) bi-weekly articles. I’m also inviting you to join me as I have opened up the comments for discussions and questions (so please do engage)! Even more exciting, I will be starting this new journey with some friends who will add value in different topic areas since I can’t cover it all. That’s right we’re adding new writers to the Valuable Podcast Blog! More formally, they are ‘Valuable Contributors’ and are essential to our community. That goes for all the listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog.

What is a Valuable Contributor?

A Valuable Contributor is someone who has taken the bold step to join me in providing value to all the readers and listeners around the world. They will contribute to the Valuable Platform by producing wholesome content to help upskill the next generation. As well as delivering new perspectives and insights that will help both you and I become more Valuable people, friends, learners, listeners, employees, and much more.

Watch out for the new Valuable Contributors; Ali Soufan, Daniel Airen and Vanessa Osinlaru!

There is plenty in store for this platform, so make sure you are subscribed and share with a friend.

Much Love,

Your Host - Victor